Alloa Community Council - Community Matters Event

The Alloa Community Matters event will take place on Saturday 21-01-2017 at 14:00 to 16:00 at Alloa Town Hall

Alloa Town Hall Community Matters Events Results 

1st - Minibus Fund, Alloa Learning Community & Parent Council

2ed - Play & Social Activities Alloa, Play Alloa

3rd - Logo'd Up, Alloa Boxing Club

4th - Greens Maintenance, Alloa EE Bowling Club

5th - Kitchen Upgrade, Alloa Old People's Welfare

Thanks to all the groups that made the event a success, my fellow community councillors, Council staff from the care taker to the elections team, but the greatest thanks goes to the people of Alloa who came out to vote and network with the each others and the stall holders.The County wide votes are not counted until the last Community Matters event has taken place.

We have heard from the council, that across Clacks, that some lower priority project applicants are wondering why the council has not contacted them yet. Some of the projects higher up the list are taking awhile to confirm they are accepting the money or providing the details required.  Until this is done the Council does not know what money is left to distribute.  Remember there was a larger allocation for Capital Projects than for Revenue Projects so it may be that capital projects further down the list will get money, while revenue projects higher up the public vote may get very little or none, dependent on the top ranking projects application of course

Alloa Projects include:

Wee County Wide Projects

More will be added as we get them

It is up to Alloa folk on the day to vote for these and other projects, come to the event to have your say

Clacks Web Links about community matters 

The Draft Timetable is 

Tea and Coffee with biscuit or cake will be provided and we we hope there will be a face painter.

Event opens and public given ballot papers on entrance
Public invited to talk to stall holders and find out about their project

Ballot boxes open but folk encouraged not to vote until after the Alloa groups short statements

Alloa Groups given chance to explain their project 

15:00 or when speakers finished  
Folk encouraged to talk to stalls especially the County wide ones.

16:00 Voting ends and Event ends thanks to the stall holders and public and all that helped
Result for Alloa declared Stalls tidied away

After event
Alloa Results posted in social media and web site and emailed

Some of the Alloa Projects

(We are awaiting further details and will add as we receive them)

Greens Maintenance, Alloa East End Bowling Club (£5,000) they submitted the following text:

"We are a local lawn bowls club celebrating its 140th anniversary this year. Our current project to fund a new greens lawnmower will sustain the needs of current members, junior members and our disability section as well as aspiring bowlers of the future. This will help maintain and provide an outdoor facility for exercise and socialising for everyone. Without this, we would see membership fall and the demise of a well used community facility for all.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on our coaching sessions and facilities"

Their Facebook Page is - "Alloa east end bowling club"  

Logo'd Up, Alloa Boxing Club (£4,900) they submitted the following text:

“Alloa Boxing Club was established in 1992 and we will celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. Throughout this time, we have operated from the Bowmar Centre and have members from all areas of Clackmannanshire. In the last year the club took a major step forward and took over the running of the Bowmar gym on a full time basis. Junior membership has trebled in the first year and we have gone from two dedicated junior classes per week to five daily classes with three groups. The juniors currently also have a waiting list. We have also recently started a teenage girls only class which is almost full already and a female class began the first week in January.

The boxing club has a few ideas to promote the club. One proposal is to purchase an embroidery machine and children’s sportswear, which will be branded in the club logo. It is hoped that by equipping the juniors, we will promote a sense of belonging to the club and maintain participation in the sport, which instils discipline, encourages health eating and lifestyle and fitness in the participants. Having our juniors turning up all wearing the same clothing also promotes an inclusive environment for all our participants.

Increasing the awareness of the club is also a side benefit of having the juniors wear our branded sportswear. Members of the club participate in events throughout the year all over Scotland and it is hoped that an improved image of Alloa and the boxing club can be represented when our boxers turn up in club colours and matching sportswear.

Finally, if successful, this is a resource that the club is willing to share amongst other local groups.”

 Play & Social Activities Alloa, Play Alloa (£5,000) they submitted the following text:

Project: Play Alloa: Play and Social Activities 

"Play Alloa provides play and social activities for children and young people with disabilities and additional support needs from its Broad Street base.

Our ‘Community Matters’ application will support the delivery of a range of weekly play and social activities for approximately 40 children and young people from Alloa over two separate sessions including a fun ‘self directed’ play session and a ‘peer led befriending buddies group’ supported by young volunteers. Our young people are often isolated from play/social experiences and benefit greatly in terms of their confidence and self esteem by participating in our activities.

Parents also benefit from valuable respite time during activities: ensuring families and other siblings have some time to share in the knowledge that the child with disabilities/additional support needs is safe, secure and having fun.

Parents/carers will also benefit from monthly support sessions where they can network with other parents/carers as well as visiting professionals. There will also be a range of information sessions where they will hear presentations on a range of relevant topics given by specialist speakers in an informal setting.

All in all this project will:

Please vote for our application in order to support children and young people with disabilities and additional support needs, who are often isolated in the community, and their families."

 Re-energising the Community, Hawkhill Community Association (£5,000)

Although this group has not submitted any text we understand, that they want to replace the obsolete boiler to improve hot water and heating supply

 Minibus Fund, Alloa Learning Community & Parent Council (£5,000)they submitted the following text:

"Alloa Learning Community and Parent Council Minibus Fund 

This is a whole community minibus application to purchase a minibus to support the entire local community. There will be an arrangement that the minibus will be used by the wider community outside school hours/term times. The aim is to enable children/the local community to have the same level of opportunity to access experiences as others from more affluent areas. Public transport is not always appropriate or suitable, especially for young people with additional support needs or nursery aged children. There is a significant need for a community based minibus.

The minibus will support and promote engagement, participation and social inclusion for the local community.

The Learning community has no minibus to support children/residents in attending curricular, extra-curricular or community events. Health & Wellbeing is the basis of Clackmannanshire’s Attainment Challenge funding and includes two projects namely Clackmannanshire Café Project (CCAFE) and Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sports (PEPASS). Access to events for these projects will, on many occasions be reliant on transportation and as such cannot be fully accessed due to limitation of transport. School sports events that occur out with the local area are restricted due to cost implications as well. This results in people being disadvantaged. This is demonstrated by the Scottish Index of Mean Deprivation shows that 40% of the local community live in the two most deprived conditions in Scotland and we have young people who would not have access to any cultural, sport, leisure and recreational events unless it was through school/community outings."

 Kitchen Upgrade, Alloa Old People's Welfare (Erskine Hall) (£950)

Although this group has not submitted any text we understand, that they want to re-equip & modernise the kitchen to today's standards of H&S, accessibility, sustainability

 The Clackmannanshire Girl's Project, Epic Assist Scotland (£2,800)

We have received an email suggesting that this application has been withdrawn due to the time constraints on the funding

Clacks Wide Projects

Light up, Lace up & Run - The Wee County Junior Harriers (£1,009) They have submitted the following text.  Click here for PDF.

 "The Wee County Junior Harriers is a running club for young people between the ages of 8 and 16. We currently have 65 juniors with membership open to any young person from the Clackmannanshire area who wants to learn to run and have some fun at the same time.

We train at Lornshill Academy in Alloa using the running track and footpaths around the Academy grounds. This is fine during the lighter evenings but from November to the end of February we’re very limited to the places we can train safely as none of the Lornshill Academy track is lit.

My request from the Community Matter Fund is for £1009 to enable the club to purchase 20 re-chargeable LED work lights, 10 double tripods for the lights and a pop-up event tent.

We would place the lights around the track before training and this would enable us to use the whole track during the dark evenings to train.

Besides no lights there isn’t any shelter close to the track for the juniors to use. The event shelter would be erected on the centre field of the running track to form a base in which the juniors and coaching team could congregate and leave their kit whilst training especially when its raining.

Please support our application by attending one of the local Community Matters events being held throughout the county over the next few weeks by each of the Community Councils and vote for “Light up, Lace Up & Run”. Thank you, Richard O’Grady, Head Coach."

 Gartmorn Dam Country Park Development Trust (£2,500) They have submitted the following text.

"The Gartmorn Dam Country Park Development Trust, is a recently set up group that wants to promote the use of the park and help co-ordinate activity of groups and individuals around the park. We are still a new group finding our feet and would welcome new members and ideas.

We know that the park is used by people across the whole of Clacks and indeed beyond. It is especially used by the people of Sauchie, Coalsnaughton, and Alloa. Activities include, Horse riders, Dog walkers, cyclist, walkers, bird watchers, joggers and others enjoying the environment.

We are looking for funding to help establish as a legal entity, build up our social media including some sort of calendar of events, so that the different groups within the park know what others are doing, and so avoid stepping on each other toes. We are also seeking to have Hi Vis vests made so we are easily identified when we are around the park especially on our litter picks.

At the Community Maters event in the Devon Hall on the 14th January, there where lots of ideas about activities that could happen at the park and gathering information about these could be organised, will enhance the usage of the park. This information could be added to our social media. Of course not everyone uses computers so we want to set up more notice boards, have leaflets printed as well as business card to encourage users of the park to keep in touch with us. As one person said to us on the 14th we are a sort of Friends of the Gartmorn Dam, but we will be influenced by the organisations and individuals that are members of our Trust.  Most people we talk to are worried about what will happen to the visitor centre and we are keeping a watchful on this.

We are on Facebook as "Gartmorn Dam Country Park Development Trust" and we have a web site

Please vote for us a the different Community Matters event being run by Community Council across Clacks. Including the Alloa event on the 21-01-2017 at Alloa Town Hall 14:00 to 16:00"

Let's Get Guiding Growing (£2,945) Girl Guiding Clackmannanshire

"Our project is to get funding to help our leaders in training get their qualifications completed with an intensive training weekend at Netherurd. The public will vote on the many applications across Clackmannanshire . There are events in every town and we will be giving information to the public at these events. We need your help to get votes in. Please pop into the events and vote for Girlguiding Clackmannanshire's project."

Bright Developments (£8,511) The Gate Charity They have submitted the following text.

"We urgently need to upgrade our electrical supply to our Centre, which houses community projects including our Foodbank, Soup Pot and Community Café etc. Presently our electrical supply is working at maximum capacity. In order to maintain and operate our existing services, the power supply has been diverted to the front of the building, rendering the back space as unusable for H&S reasons. This space is essential for storage/sorting purposes, particularly for our Foodbank and for the future development of our service provision. Outdoor lighting is also needed for the safety of our service users, volunteers and staff but no electrical capacity is available".

Community Safety Matters (£3,965) - Coalsnaughton & Devonside Regeneration Group. They have submitted the following text.

"We have applied to the Community Matters Fund to allow us to take P.7 school pupils to the Risk Factory in Edinburgh.

The Risk Factory is based on the principle that learning by experience is more memorable than being told what to do.  At The Risk Factory pupils are put into scenarios that they could face in everyday life and are asked to identify risks and are taught strategies that could help save not only their own lives but other peoples. Visiting The Risk Factory allows young people to make mistakes but in a safe environment where they can learn from their mistakes.

Safety Scenarios include:
  • Road Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Internet Safety 
  • Rail Safety
  • Home Safety
  • Farm Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Personal Safety 
  • Public Transport Safety
  • Building Site Safety

We are applying for £3965 to pay for admission and coach hire allow us to take 245 P.7. pupils from the following schools to The Risk Factory.
  • Park & St Mungo's Primary Schools, Alloa
  • Abercrombie, St Bernadette's, St Serf's & Banchory Primary Schools, Tullibody
  • Deerpark & Craigbank Primary Schools, Sauchie
  • Coalsnaughton Primary School
Community Wardens and Scottish Fire & Rescue staff will be helping us deliver this initiative.

In 2015 pupils and staff from Coalsnaughton Primary School attended The Risk Factory. Feedback from both pupils and staff how enjoyable this kind of learning experience can be and how it allows young people to explore and understand potentially dangerous situations. 

Colleen Clark Burns ,Head Teacher, Coalsnaughton Primary School. - “The Risk Factory allowed our children to explore potentially dangerous situations in the confines of a manufactured and safe environment. It taught them how to deal with or avoid situations that they may experience within their home or local environment. Our children loved visiting and there was a real buzz on the way back!”
Comments from P.7 pupils, Coalsnaughton Primary School. -
  • "The best thing I remember is when I rescued the people from the burning house"
  • "I thought it was amazing fun and would like to go back. It was a very good experience"
  • "It was AWESOME fun. Some things were unexpected"
  • "We had to go into the burning house, when we were on the bus, investigating the car crash, the train tracks, the house dangers, internet cafe, the building site, the farm flood and electricity site"
  • "I thought it was amazing, fantastic and spectacular"

Please support our Community Safety Matters funding application by attending one of the local Community Matters events being held throughout the county and voting for our project as your first preference.
Thank You
Coalsnaughton & Devonside Regeneration Group."

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