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Posted by pat oholleran on 01/12/2014

great photos of old alloa hope more to come

Posted by G Hainsworth on 12/12/2013

Patons Bowling Club My concerns would be: Where will the bowling green be? Will flats be for sale or run by Ochill view or the like? How high will the flats be? Why did the announcement of the Public Events come after the event?

Posted by Web Master on 07/12/2013   Email

The Local Development Plan is out for Consultation. There are many site looking to be developed for Housing. You can comment via the Clacks Web site

Posted by Web Master on 07/12/2013   Email

There is a Planning Application by Lochay Homes Ltd to build 171 Houses and Flats down at the Shore (filled in Old Docks). What are peoples views about this application. Given the proximity to the River and indeed the Glass workers maybe a condition of the housing development is that some sort of heat exchange system is installed to heat the houses. Will the old sea wall continue to hold?

Posted by Web Master on 07/12/2013   Email

Paton and Baldwin Recreation grounds and Bowling club. The Local Plan shows a proposal for 50 units on this ground, although at an early stage this maybe Flats. What are the views of the local residents? The access by road is an issue

Posted by Web Master on 22/09/2013

Alloa Community Council Interim Elections We have been trying to contact as many people as possible to let them know that the nomination process is now open. We are looking for new members form all backgrounds and ages across the whole of the Alloa Community Council area. See our Interim Page for links to the Clacks Web Site

Posted by Web Master on 22/09/2013

Skate Park Proposal for Alloa see Council paper by the Bowmore Centre, what are peoples views? At the Community Council we have had discussed with the Police the number of young people gathering in the Town Centre, there would appear to be a demand for this sort of facility. 

Posted by Web Master on 26/08/2013   Email

Alloa Community Council are looking for more members, Interim elections are expected to start about 19 September 2013 We in particular looking of younger members from all areas of Alloa. If Interested please contact us. The nomination forms will be available from Clacks Council from about 19-Sept-2013

Posted by Alloa Parent on 26/08/2013

Taking my children to the West End Park there appear to be more dog dirt then before, some folk think this is because dog owners can no longer exercise their dogs were they are building the new school. What do others think?

Posted by Resident Alloa on 27/06/2013

At least 5 eggs were throw against a house in Victoria Street, Alloa, overnight 26/27/-June 2013, do people know who through the eggs and has anyone else been targeted. The Police have been informed

Posted by Web master on 26/05/2013

The crossing at the end of Claremont/Kellie Place was changed on the 26-May-2013 to narrow the crossing. See photo on News Page, what are pedestrian and drivers view of the changes

Posted by Resident Victoria Street on 26/05/2013

Dog Fouling appears to become an increasing issue, a local resident counted 18 droppings on his way along Victoria Street/Alexander Drive. The Clacks Council made the following Press release re their planned Dog Watch Scheme

Posted by Web Master on 08/05/2013

The Crossing at the end of Claremont/Kellie Place has been raised with the Community Council. There has we understand been some near misses as pedestrians have been crossing the road. We have contacted the council but please let us know of any incidents you have seen, or been involved in either as a driver or pedestrian

Posted by Web Master Alloa Community Council on 25/04/2013

We have been contacted by some local residents about the noise levels from the glass works, especially the ventilation system. What are peoples experience of the noise levels from the glass works? Both Day and Night.

Posted by Brian Doyle on 17/04/2013   Email

Particular problems of dog fouling are on most pavements in Hutton Park Area also pavements between entrance to Farm and Asda entrance, plus waggon road especially from Health Centre and railway bridge leading to King St

Posted by Chair of the Community Council on 09/03/2013

What are peoples view of the proposed closure of Alloa Post Office I know from personal experience that it can be very busy and at Christmas folk were queueing out the door Could any shop in the town centre accommodate a Post Office A petition against the closure is being circulated

Posted by Web Master on 02/03/2013

Dog fouling has been raised with the Community Council, where do folk feel are the particular problem areas?

Posted by Web Master on 02/03/2013

Claremont and surrounding roads 20 MPH restrictions. How do folk feel the restrictions are working

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