Views from the Forth towards Land on both sides

As the Alloa Jazz Cruise left Alloa on the 21 June 2014 at 20:00 a Community Councillor took photos from the Main of the Forth.  We started by going down River to the two bridges, Clackmannanshire and Kincardine, before going up stream again.  As the evening went on the light got poorer but folk kept snapping away and lots of photos and video taken.  Given the tides we did not get to Stirling but as you can see we got a fair way up stream

Video of trip posted onto our Facebook site

Maid of the Forth Arrives at Alloa Harbour

All on Board

Harbour Wall seen from the River

Power lines against the sky

Glass factory and Ochils seen from the River

Clackmannan Tower

Approaching the Clackmannanshire Bridge

Approaching the Clackmannanshire Bridge

Almost under the Clackmannanshire Bridge

Under the Clackmannanshire Bridge

Clackmannanshire Bridge as a frame for the Ochils

Downstream of the Clackmannanshire Bridge

Approaching the Kincardine Bridge

Passing the Kincardine Bridge

We then turned round and went up stream again.

Glass Factory and Ochils from the River

Glass Factory and Ochils from the River

Glass Factory Again

Wind turbines and power lines against the evening sky

Old Railway bridge near Alloa West

Alloa West from the River

Old munitions crane

Bonded Ware houses

We did not get further up-stream so we turning around

The Two Towers?

Old Railway bridge again

Alloa Glassworks and Harbour before docking

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