Alloa Community Council Elections

Results from our elections

Six new Community Councillors were returned, although we still have two vacancies that can only be filled at a full or Interim election.  Looking at folks addresses we are now got community councillors from many areas of Alloa including some of the new developments.

We welcome all the new Community Councillors who are:

  • Samantha Garson 
  • Paul Hamill 
  • Isobel Little 
  • John Macaloney 
  • Stephen Pratt 
  • Bryan Quinn 

In January this year we ran the Community Matters event at Alloa Town Hall that involved the public voting to see which groups and projects should be funded.  This was the first time we had done this and we were on a steep learning curve but we are planning to do this again with smaller amounts as we as a community council are keen that the public have a chance to express your views.

Over recent years Alloa Community Council have organized a number of Fun Day Events at Greenfield Park, supported the new Skate Park opening, organised a ball in the town hall, help support the Queens Baton relay, and arranged for a commemorative Flag stone to be laid on Parliament Walk.  Being keen to improve the environment we have also help plant Snowdrops by the foot bridge from the Grange Road to Redwell School. We have also arranged several hustings for the community to meet candidates at various elections. Several of us have helped with Setting up the Gartmorn Dam Country Park Development Trust, supported the Wimpy Park 

When discussing community issues with the police we have raised the issues of parking in the town centre and around the local schools especially Redwell Primary School. The Police reports are published on our web pages and it is always good to hear what the issues are across the town and help with views and comments when we can.  
In the planning front the community council has made representations about the Greenfield House Development, the St John’s school redevelopment and made many comments about the building and speed restrictions around the Redwell Primary School. The community council does make a difference, and with the new powers being planned the role of community councils are likely to be enhanced so it is an exciting time to be is Community Councillor
The Community Council is Alloa’s voice and we need members from all areas of Alloa and all back grounds.  If you live in Alloa you have what it needs to be a community councillor along with being on the electoral register.  Make a difference to your community and join Alloa Community Council,
Here are some personal statements from current community councilors as to why they joined Alloa Community Council.

1   Not being from Alloa originally - I joined Alloa Community Council as a way to become involved in the community and to learn about the area. Since becoming a Community Councillor I have served as Secretary and then Vice Chair, I have been involved in various public meetings, community events, council planning meetings and political hustings. I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning about what is happening in their community to come along to the Community Council meetings and if they want to make a difference, to join as a community councillor, the commitment is one evening a month.

2 I was involved as a parent in the transmission of St John’s and Claremont Primary Schools into the new Redwood Primary School. As part of this process the St John’s Primary School was to be redeveloped into a residential / business area. Living close to the old St Johns Primary school I wanted to be aware of the progress of this development, ensuring that residents in the area would always be fully informed.

3 Whist on the council I became aware of the regular Police updates that are presented at each meeting as to areas within Alloa that were affected by crime, and also the on going issues regarding the trains into Alloa, especially now that the Longannet power station has been closed, which was the original reason for the railway line being reopened in the first place and what affect this would have on the continuation of the railway service to Alloa 

4 I have sat on local parent councils and seen the difference that makes to a school community. When the opprtunity arose I saw the chance to contribute in a different way with the community council.  It is a very wide and interesting role which make a different locally.  From planting snowdrops when Redwell opened to campaiging for disabled access at Stirling station.  The Community Council has a voice on a great range of actions decided by Clackmannanshire Council including planning, licensing, input on the local development plan and traffic issues.
5 I drifted into being a community councillor by attending some of the Alloa West Community Council meetings and ended up joining.  Alloa West disbanded due to lack of members and when a community council for the whole of Alloa was set up I joined that.  In my time as a community councillor I have been Chair, Vice Chair, and for a long time the Web Master.  As Web Master I have developed the Web Site, Twitter and Facebook feeds.  We are always interested in Alloa related events and try and promote Alloa as a good place to live.  I also attend the Joint Community Council Forum, where community councillors from the whole of Clacks come together to discuss issues of common interest.  We get a chance at the JCCF to discuss with the Police and Fire and Rescue service the priorities for our communities

Over the years Alloa Community Council has:-

  • Consulted on all types of planning
  • Help set local Police priorities
  • Pushed for safe pedestrian crossings
  • Report concerns about speed of traffic in the 20 MPHs zones
  • Campaigned for additional train services 
  • Organised public Fun Days 
  • Organised events for the Queens Baton Relay
  • Planted with school children 500 snowdrops in Alloa West
  • Successfully campaigned against the Permanent 20 MPH limit at Redwell
  • Kept a watching brief on the sale and development of Greenfield house
  • Helped people of Alloa to connect with each other
  • Looked out for the people of Alloa 
  • Help areas of Alloa get funding like the Coal Fields Regeneration Trust work in the Bowmar area.
  • Lay a wreath each year at the Remembrance Sunday event in Alloa
  • Through our Social Media added videos from the Docks and other areas of Alloa
The Alloa public have asked for help with :-
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Housing situation
  • Recycling
  • Stopping Dog Fouling
  • Better mix of shops in the town centre 
  • Review of Parking in the town centre
  • Better Police community involvement

The constitution of Alloa community council states that we are  

  1. To provide a link between the community and the elected members and officers of Clackmannanshire Council and all statutory bodies.
  2. To ascertain, co-ordinate and reflect the views of the community which it represents, to liaise with other community groups within the area, and to fairly express the diversity of opinions and outlooks of the people;
  3. To provide assistance, advice and help to all sections of the community as sought without favour, to promote community spirit and the well-being of the community, and to keep the community informed of matters of public concern.
  4. To safeguard and improve the amenities of the community council area by providing advice and assistance on environmental issues, promoting recycling initiatives, maintaining and improving public amenities and buildings of historical or religious importance.

Please make a difference to the whole of Alloa and your community and join Alloa Community Council We meet about 9 times a year and the more members we have the more we can do for our town.

If you want to know more please contact us by email, our web site or our Social Media. We look forward to hearing from you.

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