Alloa Community Council

The objects of the community council shall be
 a) To provide a link between the community and the elected members and officers of Clackmannanshire Council and all statutory bodies.

b) To ascertain, co-ordinate and reflect the views of the community which it represents, to liaise with other community groups within the area, and to fairly express the diversity of opinions and outlooks of the people;

c) To provide assistance, advice and help to all sections of the community as sought without favour, to promote community spirit and
the well-being of the community, and to keep the community informed of matters of public concern.

d) To safeguard and improve the amenities of the community council area by providing advice and assistance on environmental issues, promoting recycling initiatives, maintaining and improving public amenities and buildings of historical or religious importance, and unless specifically authorised by the Constitution, for no other purposes whatsoever.

Area of Jurisdiction - Alloa
The boundaries of the Community Council shall be as described in the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils approved by Clackmannanshire Council  

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The Police report given to Alloa Community Council on the 31-05-2016 can be accessed by clicking here

The Police report given to Alloa Community Council on the 24-11-2015 can accessed by clicking here.

Clackmannanshire Citizen and Young Citizen of the year Award (2015)

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  • Next Meeting VE Community Events

    The next meeting will be on Tuesday 25 February at 7pm. Moncrieff Church - Session House at 7pm. The main agenda items is the VE community Events

  • Alloa CC Meeting

    The next meeting of Alloa Community Council will take place at 19:00 on Tuesday 28th January 2020.  Location Alloa Town Hall.  Welcome 

  • General Election Hustings 26 11 2019

    #Election2019 #OchilSouthPerthshire #Alloa #Hustings
    Alloa Community Council will be holding a General Election Hustings on Tuesday 26th November at 7pm at the Alloa Town Hall. The general format of the event is short speeches by each candidate then round table discussions with each candidate, followed by a short summing up by each candidate. The event will be run by our new Chair the Rev Jason Lingiah All welcome especially Alloa folk.

  • Alloa CC AGM 24-10-2019

    Alloa CC AGM Tuesday Alloa Town Hall - 07:00 Speakers from the Council re Town Improvements. All welcome

  • Alloa Community Council Meeting 24-09-2019 19:00

    Tuesday 24-09-2019 19:00 Alloa Town Hall - General Meeting of Alloa Community Council with talk by "Change Grow Live" who are now looking at Lime Tree House rather than the old Post Office as their location for Services

  • Cancelled - Extra Meeting Alloa CC

    We have heard from Grow Live that they are no longer looking at the Old Post office.  We therefore decided to cancel the meeting of ACC meeting on Friday 19th July, 7pm at OAP hall, Erskine Street to discuss the proposed planning application for a Forth Valley Recovery and Substance Misuse Centre to be located in the old Alloa Post Office (Maple Court). We welcome the community's opinion. Cancelled . Details of the planning application can be found.

    the last document Design and Access statement looks the most interesting. We believe the organisation web site is we have tried to contact them but no reply so far. We have until next week to comment on the Application

  • Alloa CC Tue 25-06-2019 OAP Hall Erskine Street

    OAP Hall Erskine Street
    Tuesday 28-06-2019 19:00

    Welcome and Introduction 


    Conflicts of Interest (items 1-3, 5 minutes)

    Police Report (10 minutes)

    Other reports (5 minutes)

    Actions from previous minutes (5 minutes))

    Approval of Minutes 

    Office Bearers Reports & Lead Reports (if any)

    VE event next year
    Railway line to the Dunfermline

    AOCB Date of Next Meeting

  • Meeting of Alloa CC 26-03-2019

    Agenda for Community Council Meeting
    Time : 7pm on 26th March 2019
    Location : OAP Hall, 44 Erskine Street, Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 2AU
    Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.

    Welcome and Introduction 
    Conflicts of Interest (items 1-3, 5 minutes)
    Police Report (10 minutes)
    Social Media Post and Parking

    Other reports (5 minutes)
    Actions from previous minutes (5 minutes))
    Approval of Minutes 
    Office Bearers Reports & Lead Reports (if any)
    Bank Accounts

    St John’s we have submitted a response
    Primrose Street - Old Co-op building
    Development down by St Mungo's

    Iceland and Licensing application

    Work done by Other Community Councils

    Greenfield House

    AOCB Date of Next Meeting

  • Alloa CC Budget Consultation Response

    ALLOA COMMUNITY COUNCIL Budget Response 2019

    The following information is Alloa Community Council’s response to Clackmannanshire Council’s budget response

    What impact will this saving have?

    As chair of Alloa Community Council I would like to submit the Community Council's opinions to the likely effects of the proposed budget cuts.  We are saddened that yet again the community is being asked to make difficult choices that will impact to the detriment of the local community.  

    Community Councils have a vital role in linking and entering into dialogue with Clackmannanshire Council and other organisations on local matters. Every time we host a public event whether it is a political hustings, budget consultation or a fun day we have to pay for public liability insurance. Our grant also covers administration costs, although our grant is not a lot of money it makes a big difference to how we operate and engage, particularly if we are to take on more tasks that traditionally were carried out by Clackmannanshire Council.

    Stopping the C1 and C2 bus subsidy will have an impact on vulnerable people that rely on this service to get to doctor’s appointments or do their shopping with no access to a car or funds for taxis.

    ACC have concerns about cuts to Clackmannanshire Works. It is paramount that skills around obtaining employment are not lost.

    The Bowmar Centre provides a valued resource to an area of high deprivation. If the grant is not obtained then we would hope other revenue streams will be looked at.

    We recognise that Alloa Leisure Bowl provides employment to a lot of people as well as a much needed leisure service.   Research needs to be done to see if classes etc can be provided differently, so that the Alloa community is not without a leisure provision.

    It is essential that local community groups and the voluntary sector are supported in this area of high deprivation. People do not have the means to support their needs and rely on these services.  CAB helps support the community with access to free advice including people who are digitally excluded.  The Gate provides a lifeline for people on the breadline.

    ACC have grave concerns over the proposed reduction in secondary school hours. It is vital that attainment, pastoral care and skills for life including employment and UCAS applications are not compromised for our young people. With child poverty so high in this area, school provides stability, allows staff to identify anyone that needs interventions and allows children to have a soft start to their day to help prepare for learning.  There is a potential increased impact on social services if more vulnerable children disengage.  Additional childcare for young people with extensive additional support needs would place an additional burden on carers.

    Concerns have been raised about cutting the gritting budget due to the cost broken bones will cause the health service.

    Grass cutting affects the impression of our community to visitors.

    ACC supports the need for a raise in council taxes to protect services.

    Amendments or mitigations to consider:

    ACC firmly believe that new ways of working should be looked at, along with other funding streams to ensure services can be maintained.

    Can the health service contribute to gritting as this would be cheaper for them whilst giving consideration to the public pound? 

    Can we look to see if smaller buses could be used? 

    Staff /adults with relevant expertise other than teachers to deliver life skills. 

    Can the secondary schools host keep fit classes?

    In an area of deprivation we must be mindful that not everyone can afford broadband and digitalisation of services should not exclude the vulnerable.  People still need to have face to face contact with Clackmannanshire Council and interact through the support of organisations in the third sector.

    It is important that Clackmannanshire is attractive in appearance, transport links, amenities and schools to attract people to come and live and visit. Ways to ensure this must be found.

    I would like to thank Clackmannanshire Council and its officers for offering the community the opportunity to express their views on the budget consultation.

  • Alloa War Memorial 2018

    The Programme for the Remembrance Day service at Bedford Place this Sunday. We will be laying a Wreath as usual. This year Malcolm Jones will be doing this on our behalf.

  • Greenfield House

    Statement from Alloa Community Council – Greenfield House update Alloa Community Council held a working group meeting as agreed at the emergency meeting held in July. The meeting was attended by Keith Pulner (Kapital Residential Ltd owner of Greenfield), Luke Graham MP, Cllr Forson(also representing Keith Brown MSP), Cllr Holden, Cllr Earle, Police, Chair ACC, Secretary ACC and other ACC members It was a very positive and productive meeting. All agreed Greenfield House is an iconic building and everyone was keen the development goes ahead as soon as possible. The owner of Greenfield House outlined to the meeting the various reasons for the delay to the building work on Greenfield house including family issues and concerns about antisocial behaviour.  The benchmark for the owner when acquiring property to develop, was would he be willing to live in the location himself. The police and other people at the meeting stated that antisocial behaviour was not a major issue in the area and the police confirmed the number of calls from the Greenfield Park area was very small and they are in regular contact with the watchman. Concerns were raised by councillors including the lack of development resulting in the decline in the fabric of the building, the lack of communication and the time taken to start the development. The owner assured the meeting that he is committed to developing the building and is in negotiations with contractors to start demolishing the new part of the building, and is hopeful there will be a schedule of work in place by the end of the year.    The owner is keen to work with stakeholders, to reduce the community’s concerns.  The owner thought that some houses might be for sale and others for rent and is keen that there was a good legacy after the development has been completed. The owner stated it maybe 3 to 4 months, before they on the Greenfield site. With demolition of the new building in the new year. The building work could take 18-20 months from the start to the first flats being ready for sale.  A rough estimate was the second half of 2020. The owner stated that until about 10 years ago finance was fairly straight forward, after the Financial crash he needed to go further afield for funding, including the London Money markets.  As investors were concerned about Brexit and IndyRef2 and so were wary of lending money, however, this was not impacting on the programme. Luke Graham MP having worked in the financial industry was willing to suggest sources of capital if required.  Like the other speakers, Luke encouraged the owner to keep the lines of communication open. All present are confident the company have now engaged and will continue to engage with the council and the wider public, the security of the building will be maintained, any anti-social behaviour will be addressed by the Police, a timescale for progress has been provided, there are no impediments to the development. Everyone is eager for the development to get underway, as all parties understand the concerns of local residents. The owner has given his personal mobile details to allow for open lines of communication to all meeting members. Alloa Community Council welcome the progress made at this meeting and will give updates as and when they happen.


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